We have worked international trading business with Estern Asia, Europe and the US over 30 years working as Japanese Marunaka Group's Seoul office since 1978.

 During in the period we working, we have faced with lots of hardships and opportunities in and outside the country. In  Korea, military coup and dictatorship, '88 Seoul summer Olympic, the civilian government founding, economic crisis, 2002 Korea-Japan Worldcup Games, trading with North Korea, join the OECD, and outside Korea, the Plaza agreements, East Asia economic crisis, China's economic development, Japan's bubble economy collapsing and long recession, and global financial crisis etc. Our business was continuation of challenges and hardships. Even though we had faced with a difficulty and a hardship, overcame them and kept developing finally.

 We provide difefrentiated total trading business services based on know-how and network accumulated from in/exporting works and overseas operations.

 We promise to be a best business partner for your overseas operation and growing business with considering client's satisfactions as the most important thing.