June 1978

Beginning trading business as Japanese Marunaka Group's Seoul office
The general agency of major Japanese woodworking machinery companies (Hanwa, Kikukawa, Okabe, Ichikawa, Marunaka, Shizuoka Kiko, Dainippon Print, Ibiden, Nippon Decor, Tech Shinsho)
Beginning exporting mushroom, eel, pine mushroom, rubber boots, sports shoes, Buddhist altars and lumber to Japan

October 1979

Suppling Star Wood's MDF to Korean Lady Furniture
(recorded as the first importing MDF in Korea domestic market)

Fubruary 1980

Beginning importing Italian SCM's R-9/R-10 MDF machines in Korea domestic market

May 1985

Establishing Hong Yl Corporation (taking over existing business partners and clients)
Getting the exculsive suppling right of piano legs, chair legs and frames to Korean Youngchang Piano
Beginning exporting Sunwood's MDF/HDF, Fine Inderstry's edge tape, PVC sheets and wrapping sheets to Japan
Exporting ACE bed's European style furniture to Japan

April 1986

Importing & selling Japanese dressers, establishing retail company

January 1987

Getting the exculsive selling right of Samsung Electronics' duty free goods to Korean residents in Japan

April 1994

Founding the factory in Incheon and moving there

March 1995

Suppling Nippon Decor's foil sheets to Korean Dongseo Furniture
(recorded as the first importing foil sheet in Korea domestic market)

January 1996

Suppling Indonesian beds, tables, chair and etc. to Korean Dongseo Furniture

September 1997

Closing Incheon factory, moving to Seocho-dong, Seoul

July 1998

Beginning exporting Jeil Glass's tempered glasses and Ockdong Corp.'s aluminium frames to Japan

July 2000

Beginning trading business with China as importing funiture parts and subsidiary materials

May 2003

Exporting steel frames for TV set to USA

July 2005

Beginning exculsive importing and selling Japanese Shingen's dish-shaped grass cutting blades (Korean divice patent #374285/design patent #385287) and Toyo Safety's multipurpose goggles (Korean divice patent #297088/design patent #338671) and anti-fog goggles

October 2006

Beginning suppling Chinese made piano parts and sound boards to Japanese Yamaha Piano

May 2007

Beginning exporting Sunghwa Woodline's edge bander, hot melt edge tape and furniture parts to Japan

November 2008

Beginning Hyechang Michael's UV panels and Yushin Melamine's melamine sheets to Japan

September 2009

Establishing the woodworking division, launching the Japanese Cypress interior material FUJI HINOKI joint with Co-operative Japanwood

June 2010

As expanding business, moving company to Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, suburb of Seoul

August 2013

Opening the Fine Forest Park at Okcheon, Chungcheong-bukdo

March 2015

Exclusive contract with Chiyoda Corp.(Hiroshima,Japan) for importing hinoki wood bed 

March 2016

Exclusive contract with Haruno Wood Working Co-op(Shizuoka, Japan) for importing hinoki/sugi log house and expand to housing business